Jacob Bogatin: Google accused of slowing down YouTube in third-party browsers

Specialists of the company Mozilla caught Google in the deliberate slowdown of YouTube, which operates in third-party browsers. This is due to the use of the Shadow DOM v0 API service, which is supported only in Chrome, says Jacob Bogatin.

According to the manager of technical programs of the company Mozilla Chris Peterson, the speed of YouTube in the browsers Firefox and Microsoft Edge is about five times lower than in Chrome. The expert is sure that the reason for slowing the work of the portal in third-party web browsers is due to the use of the Shadow API DOM v0 service, which is supported only in Chrome, expert Jacob Bogatin says.

Shadow DOM v0 appeared on YouTube only recently. It was added during one of the last redesigns, and this is the key to solving the problem. Chris Peterson in his tweet advises Firefox users to install the YouTube Classic extension. It returns the previous design of the site and disables the Shadow DOM v0 API.

Recall that last week the European Commission fined Google nearly $ 5 billion for the fact that the American Internet giant required smartphone manufacturers to pre-install its services, namely the search service and Chrome browser. Will the story with the slowdown of YouTube the reason for new sanctions against the company, time will tell, said Jacob Bogatin.